Top 5 Reasons You Know the College Season is About to Begin

5. Your Cleats Don’t Stink – As Bad.

Christmas break was a fun relaxing time, but you haven’t been practicing in the cold and the rain. The funky smell that you have so carefully cultivated is not as strong. Time to fix that.

4. Your Car is Clean-ish.

Let’s face it you are not Mr. Clean, but you are not a slob either. Right now your car has somethings in it, but come college season your cavemen teammates are going to treat it like a mobile garbage can. Those filthy Philistines should be greatful that you even let them ride in the car with you.

3. You Still Have Money in Your Bank Account.

As a typical college student you are not rich. However, you have some money that you saved up mowing lawns over the summer. It might not be much, but you can make it stretch to get you to all the tournaments for the rest of the semester. Just barely though, because at year end that account is going to be all zeros.

2. The Weather is Really Nice. Until this Weekend.

It has been a mild and beautiful winter. But the weekend is coming up and the cold artic air is going to be blowing fiercely. It may not be the end of the world, but it sure is going to feel like it.

1. No One on Your Team is Seriously Injured.

Playing from the summer, through fall, and into spring is wearing on a body. The layouts, the bumps, and the bruises accumulate. Everyone has a few small injuries. But, no one has broken their collarbone or dislocated their shoulder yet. That will change very shortly.