LSU Pulls Away from Auburn in Second Half, Wins

LSU Purple Haze continued their first half issues followed by a sound second half as they pulled out out an 11-7 win against the Auburn Tigers on Sunday.

The game began with an Auburn score, and then some points trading with LSU to make the game 2-2. Purple Haze then grabbed two breaks and opened the lead to 4-2. The Tigers kept plugging along however, and eventually tied the game back at 5-5. LSU scored the final point of the first half, 6-5.

Both teams played a relatively clean second half and neither team had a turnover until the score was 8-7 in LSU’s favor. Despite the mostly error-free play, Auburn’s second half woes continued, as they would fail to score again in the half, and Purple Haze would finish out on a 3-0 run.

GCSU Wins Against Auburn

In the first round of games on Sunday, Georgia College & State defeated Auburn 11-6. Disconnected jumped out to an early lead at 5-2 in the first half, but the Tigers came roaring back to tie the game at five all. GCSU scored the next point to take half.

Auburn would be limited to just one point in the second half to be outscored 5-1. This quick runaway can be attributed to GCSU’s zero turnovers in the latter half.

Mississippi State Wins Showcase Game Against Rival, Ole Miss

In a rare night contest, Mississippi State Dark Horse defeated their rivals, Mississippi Xanadu, 11-8, in the Cowbell Classic Showcase Game Saturday night.

The game had all the pieces for a rivalry: a crowd, lead changes, comebacks, and coaches yelling at the officials.

The game began with Mississippi State scoring the first point after both teams had a pair of turnovers. Mississippi responded by scoring on their next possession and getting a quick break to take the lead, 2-1. State then used some quick strike offense and layout d’s to score three in a row to take the lead back at 4-2.

Ole Miss took a timeout to fix some communication problems, and it appeared to work as they scored on their next possession. However, State scored the next two to take half, 6-3.

After the break, the teams traded points until Ole Miss got a break back to close the gap to one point at 8-7. The rivals would trade two more points to make it 9-8, but Dark Horse would score the next two and finish the game 11-8.

Ole Miss Pours it on in Second Half, Defeats Auburn

In an early season Gulf South Conference game at Cowbell Classic, the Auburn Tigers fell to Ole Miss Xanadu 10-6 in a soft-capped game.

“Auburn is one of our conference rivals,” said Mississippi captain Zach Branson. “We lost to them last year in [the series]. It was good to get the win today.”

Mississippi took an early 2-0 lead and quietly parlayed that into a 5-2 lead. In a hole, the Auburn Tigers rallied and scored the next three to tie the game at five all. Mississippi took a timeout and after a series of layout d’s and dropped passes that accumulated to  fourteen combined turnovers, Xanadu punched in a score to take half, 6-5.

The second half started with Xanadu scoring and then the Tigers answering. However, seven turnovers would hobble Auburn, and Mississippi would score the last three to finish off the time-shortened game.

“It was really windy and we are missing a few of our main throwers,” explained Auburn captain Brad Smith. “Plus, we dropped the disc too many times in the second half and gave [the game] away.”

Georgia College & State Handles Rhodes

Georgia College & State Disconnection utilized their handles to great effect against Rhodes Rhodekill as they breezed to a 10-4 win.

The route was on early as Disconnected scored the first three points. Rhodekill was able to get points on the board with two nice hucks. However, Disconnected continued to score, with very few turnovers, even scoring a greatest to take half, 6-2.

“The greatest was awesome,” said Taylor Minch, Georgia College & State’s captain. “T-Lamb was able to do a shuffle jump from in bounds and [push passed] it to our guy.”

The second half was much the same as the first half. Rhodes continued to have trouble with the wind and turnovers and was able to score only one point while Georgia College & State scored four.

“The wind was tough. We don’t have a lot of it in Memphis,” said Rhodes captain Walter Williams.

LSU Purple Haze Outruns Mississippi State Dark Horse

In just the second game of the 2012 season for both teams, LSU Purple Haze outran Mississippi State Dark Horse 10-5 for the win.

The game started off with both teams trading points to 3-3. LSU was able to score the next three and take half at 6-3. Dark Horse scored the first point in the second half, but Purple Haze ran off another three points in a row to take a commanding 9-4 lead.

“There were some bad throws and some bad plays, but overall I am happy with how we played. Especially the second half with the way we came out in intensity. ” said LSU captain Dylan Shannon.

Mississippi State would score the very next point of the game, but it was too little too late  as LSU scored one more to win in a soft capped game.

Both teams had problems with the 20 mile per-hour wind gusts that blew from south to north, and that accounted for many of the combined 60 turnovers. Not all the turnovers were wind-related however; many were dropped due to mental errors.

“Drops killed us,” said Mississippi State captain Andrew Francis. “We have a lot of work to do, but we have to quit beating ourselves. We have a shot to win [the conference] but we have to fix some things first.”

Cowbell Classic Preview

The Ozark Conference teams that were playing in the Cowbell Classic are no longer going. Always up for the challenge, Ozark Ultimate is still traveling down to Starksville, Miss this weekend to report on the first games of the 2012 season.

Seeing as many of these teams are not in the Ozark Conference and we only saw them once last year it is difficult to prognosticate how they will preform. Instead, we look at several games we are excited to watch.

1. Mississippi vs. Georgia College & State

It is the first round of the tournament and the year. Since it is the four seed vs. the five seed it is also the most balanced (theoretically). It should be an exciting game, although if past experience has taught us anything, the first game might be sloppy as teams work out the kinks and rust.

2. LSU vs. Mississippi State

It may be just the second round, but because this is a round robin tournament, the number one and two seed face each other early. Last year, in the Gulf Coast Conference Tournament, LSU edged Mississippi State 15-10 in the semifinals. Both teams want to win this game to prove they are the team to beat this year in the conference.

3. Mississippi State vs. Mississippi

Any time a game is at night and under lights, count me in. Add the rivalry and the crowds and this game should be really fun to watch. Expect the heckling to be top notch and the play to be right up there too.

Cowbell Classic

Cowbell Classic is looking for a few good teams January 14-15. Current teams attending are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia College & State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Rhodes, and Southern Miss. The bid price will be between $225 – $300 and includes the regular amenities plus observed games. For more information contact Mississippi State Ultimate President’s Andrew Francis at