Georgia College & State Handles Rhodes

Georgia College & State Disconnection utilized their handles to great effect against Rhodes Rhodekill as they breezed to a 10-4 win.

The route was on early as Disconnected scored the first three points. Rhodekill was able to get points on the board with two nice hucks. However, Disconnected continued to score, with very few turnovers, even scoring a greatest to take half, 6-2.

“The greatest was awesome,” said Taylor Minch, Georgia College & State’s captain. “T-Lamb was able to do a shuffle jump from in bounds and [push passed] it to our guy.”

The second half was much the same as the first half. Rhodes continued to have trouble with the wind and turnovers and was able to score only one point while Georgia College & State scored four.

“The wind was tough. We don’t have a lot of it in Memphis,” said Rhodes captain Walter Williams.

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