Cowbell Classic Preview

The Ozark Conference teams that were playing in the Cowbell Classic are no longer going. Always up for the challenge, Ozark Ultimate is still traveling down to Starksville, Miss this weekend to report on the first games of the 2012 season.

Seeing as many of these teams are not in the Ozark Conference and we only saw them once last year it is difficult to prognosticate how they will preform. Instead, we look at several games we are excited to watch.

1. Mississippi vs. Georgia College & State

It is the first round of the tournament and the year. Since it is the four seed vs. the five seed it is also the most balanced (theoretically). It should be an exciting game, although if past experience has taught us anything, the first game might be sloppy as teams work out the kinks and rust.

2. LSU vs. Mississippi State

It may be just the second round, but because this is a round robin tournament, the number one and two seed face each other early. Last year, in the Gulf Coast Conference Tournament, LSU edged Mississippi State 15-10 in the semifinals. Both teams want to win this game to prove they are the team to beat this year in the conference.

3. Mississippi State vs. Mississippi

Any time a game is at night and under lights, count me in. Add the rivalry and the crowds and this game should be really fun to watch. Expect the heckling to be top notch and the play to be right up there too.