Ozark Ultimate Presents: Ultytrac

Ozark Ultimate is proud to announce Ultytrac, the newest ultimate score reporting tool. Ultytrac is a Twitter-based tool that aggregates scores and posts them in a quick and easy-to-access manner. No longer will you have to scroll through a tournament feed or wade through an awkward score reporting interface to find scores. All you have to do with Ultytrac is look at the top of ozarkultimate.com.

Currently, Ultytrac is in beta and only works with a limited set of twitter accounts. In the near future, Ultytrac will be able to update any college game from any twitter account by simply adding @ultytrac to the end of a tweet.

To demonstrate how Ultytrac looks and works, Ozark Ultimate will be using twitter throughout January 3rd using fictional game scores and updates.


Springfield, MO to host USAU Coaching Clinic

Ultimate Players of the Ozarks is hosting a Level 1 Coaching Clinic in Springfield, MO on February 18 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

“There’s a bunch of us from the Springfield, MO area that have been talking about getting certified with USA Ultimate for coaching for a couple of years,” said organizer and Drury head coach Matt Battaglia. “With no closer option than Wisconsin on the schedule, I decided that hosting a clinic would be the best option.”

The cost for the coaching clinic is $75 and in addition to instruction time includes; discs, a coaching bag, DVDs, hydro shorts, and coaching manuals. The clinic has a a maximum of 20 slots and all attendees must be current paid USAU members in addition to paying the clinic registration fee.

To register or find more information visit the link below.

Level 1 Coaching Certification Clinic – Springfield, MO – Feb. 18th 8:30am – 4:30pm. Register here: http://members.usaultimate.org/coaches/clinics.