Cowbell Classic

Cowbell Classic is looking for a few good teams January 14-15. Current teams attending are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia College & State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Rhodes, and Southern Miss. The bid price will be between $225 – $300 and includes the regular amenities plus observed games. For more information contact Mississippi State Ultimate President’s Andrew Francis at

Tournament Planning

It is that time of year again. Time to plan which tournaments to go to. What tournaments are teams planning to go to? What tournaments would be a dream to get accepted to? Why? Talk it up in the comments.

Also, if you are a tournament director and have a tournament to advertise contact OzarkUltimate and we will put them up.

MLC Saturday

The parity and upsets at Missouri Loves Company is what makes college ultimate so exciting and so hard to predict.

1. Missouri shows they belong in the power pools by beating everyone but Michigan. And that loss to MagnUM is by one point.

2. St. Louis wins their pool and beats conference foe Oklahoma, 11-5.

3. Oklahoma has a so-so day and needs to find a way to win with different starters from last year.

4. Oklahoma State goes 2-2, but takes second in Pool D.

5. Arkansas drops one game all day to Iowa State and ends up third in their pool. This is unfortunate for Arkansas but it does create an in conference match-up tomorrow, as Arkansas faces Oklahoma State first thing in the morning.

6. Kansas takes a step in the right direction by going undefeated and winning Pool G. Tomorrow tells us if the HorroZontals are ready to join the top tier in the conference again..

7. Kansas State eeks out the win against Washington, but loses to Kenyon to take second in Pool H.

8. Washington is still trying to find an identity and goes winless on Saturday.

Missouri Loves Company Preview

Missouri Loves Company is one of the premier fall college tournaments. It draws teams from all over the country, and this year, six teams that qualified for 2011 College Nationals; Carleton, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Colorado College, and Illinois are making the trek to Columbia.

Power Pool A

This pool is interesting as it has Carleton, Iowa, Colorado College, Minnesota, and Michigan State. Carleton is the defending national champion, but historically they use the fall to build experience rather than playing the top seven in order to win. Iowa and Colorado College are both good and either team could take the top spot out of the pool.

Power Pool B

The winner of the Colorado vs. Wisconsin game will probably determine the winner of the pool. Illinois and Michigan are both good teams but do not have the same depth of bench. Missouri, the hometown team, while improved from last year, will have trouble matching up with all these teams. However, teams tend to do better at home tournaments and Missouri will use that advantage as much as possible.

Ozark Team Match-ups:

Oklahoma vs. St. Louis: The Apes of Wrath have lost Mike Rice but still have a majority of their starters returning. The Apes beat Loki 13-9.

Arkansas vs. Missouri State: Ludicrous is coming off a big win from Harvest. Missouri State is rebuilding again this year and several of their starters are not at full strength. Abe Coffin goes crazy and completes long bombs to Matt Jackson. Arkansas 13 Missouri State 7.

Kansas State vs. Washington University: The Huckstables lost to the Contrabears twice last year, including the Ozark Conference championship game. Even though Kansas State lost Chris Youderian and Pat Shriwise, Washington no longer has Evan Winograd or Joe MacDonald. Kansas State eeks out a win over Washington, 13-11.

Other Ozark Teams:

Kansas: Kansas really wants to put last year behind them. Doing well at Missouri Loves Company will be a good step in that direction. Wisconsin-Whitewater and Carleton GOP are ready and willing to make sure that Kansas starts off this year on a bad note too. Wisconsin-B is not a pushover either. Coming together as a team at MLC will be crucial for the HorrorZontals.

Oklahoma State: Ultimato did not compete in the series last year because they missed the roster deadline. At Harvest Moon last week they showed they had improved some from last year and walked through their pool. This week will be a little bit harder and will show just how much Oklahoma State has improved and how far they have to go.

Editor’s Thoughts: There is some talk that Missouri should not be in the power pools, but Missouri Loves Company is the name of the tournament and it is their home tournament. In college basketball, Chaminade plays against the Div. I powerhouses every year at their home tournament. No one really bats an eye about that and being able to play against the best teams is helpful for learning and finding out where your team stands. In addition, this is the fall preseason, not the last regular season tournament right before the series. If other teams want to guarantee they get in power pools perhaps they should become a power team, or start a tournament of their own.

Sunday Harvest Moon Summary

Day two of Harvest Moon began with overcast skys and 10 mph winds. The rain that was predicted by meteorologists did not come, and spectators turned out to watch the action unfold. As the games played out the teams relative abilities became more and more apparent.

1. Arkansas Plays with Feeling

Matt Jackson is a good player and everyone knows it, but Arkansas will have to rely on more than just one player to succeed; that’s where the supporting cast comes in. While the team returns everyone from last year, those players are still inexperienced and run on excitement and adrenaline.  This weekend they were able to keep themselves going, but that won’t work every game. Eventually, all teams have to find a way to finish games against good teams that they have a large lead on. Arkansas might have problems letting teams back into games if they can’t figure that out.

2. Missouri Likes to Rally

Missouri is kind of in the same boat as Arkansas, but with an entirely different problem. Missouri returns a large portion of the team and having three 5th year seniors return gives the MUtants a ton of experience. However, Missouri likes to get behind before they play at their most inspired. On Saturday, Missouri spotted St. Louis two points, and on Sunday spotted Arkansas five.

“We like to [start games] slow,” said captain Matt Francis. “It is a bad habit we have and are trying to overcome.

That game-plan may have worked against St. Louis, but it came up just short against Arkansas.

3. Washington is Missing Key Players and Identity

Losing two All-Region players would hurt any team. But losing Evan Winograd and Joe MacDonald has really hurt the Contrabears. They still have the talent to win games, but the team identity and roles seem to be a little fuzzy right now.

“Things are different. We no longer have stars who can dominate match-ups, but we do have a team full of guys who can run and throw and make plays with the best of them. We just have to step up,” said Wash U captain Jacob Zax.

The Contrabears will definitely have to step up, especially since they appear to be rebuilding after such a strong showing last year. However, I expect that WashU’s coach and captains will rally the team around a common identity and make Washington a tough team by the time the regular season rolls around.

4. Harding Still Gets Tired

Last year Harding made Div. III Nationals by consistently using just eight players, but fatigue became a real problem late in tournaments. This year Harding has made a conscious effort to have an offensive line, defensive line, and several bench lines. That adjustment seemed to make a big difference as Harding strolled into the finals against Arkansas and took a 2-0 lead. The ensuing point was a long one. Harding had several chances to score but ultimately conceded and the defensive line was ineffective for the rest of the game.

Figuring out how to get to the next level might be tricky for Apocalypse, but if they can, they will likely be making noise at Div. III Nationals again.

Arkansas Wins Harvest Moon Over Harding

In a game marked by an ever changing wind and many turnovers Arkansas Ludicrous Speed defeated Harding Apocalypse to win the 21st Annual Harvest Moon Ultimate Classic.

Harding scored the first two points of the game, but several unforced errors by Apocalypse allowed Ludicrous Speed to score three in a row to take the lead. The two teams traded points until just before halftime when Arkansas was able to score two quickly and take half, 7-5.

“There were many turnovers by both teams,” said Arkansas captain Matt Jackson. “We just made fewer of them.”

“Arkansas is a very talented, athletic, and quick team. Their tough defense forced us to make too many long throws,” Harding’s senior captain Ryan Rummage added.

After halftime, Arkansas utilized their deeper bench to wear out Harding and pulled away in the second half, 6-3.

“We won that game with our legs,” Jackson said.

Despite losing the game Rummage was still upbeat about how his team performed during the weekend.

“For us to make the finals is a great accomplishment. We played great all tournament long. But in the final, we lost to a team that is more talented and more athletic than us–all the credit goes to Arkansas.” Rummage said.

The championship win by Arkansas is their first ever at Harvest Moon, which is the team’s home tournament.