Arkansas Ineligible

Ozark Ultimate has just confirmed that Arkansas is ineligible for the USAU series. According to captain Eric Kearney, Arkansas “missed the deadline by less than a day.”

Rumors are still going around that Oklahoma State is ineligible as well, and according to the latest roster log they are not listed. Ozark Ultimate is investigating the issue.

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Ineligible

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  2. Is Kansas not eligible either? Their name is no where to be found on the USAU rankings. Same as Arkansas and Oklahoma State.

  3. From what I understand, Kansas is eligible but failed their “roster eligibility comparison” for President’s Day, Free State and Centex.

  4. Are the new roster and eligibility requirements that much more difficult than they used to be, or is this a case of people just missing deadlines for clearly-defined tasks?

    • To fail the roster eligibility comparison is not that difficult, as people who drop out or become academically ineligible can mess up the roster even though they were fine earlier in the season. Harding had this happen to them last year. I am unsure of why Kansas failed their roster comparison. Arkansas and Oklahoma State did not, in USAU terms, turn in official rosters. Arkansas missed the deadline and Oklahoma State turned in the wrong piece of paper, according to their team representatives.