Midseason Rankings

The crossroads of the 2011 ultimate disc season is here. With six weeks of tournaments in the books and five or six weeks left until conference tournaments, the good teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack.

The Ozark Conference has one team in the top 25 and three teams in the top 50 of USA Ultimate’s latest ranking. These rankings are based on an algorithm and may or may not reflect a team’s true strength. Since the season is still young and this is the Ozark Conference, it would not be surprising if many of these teams switched places before the Conference Tournament.










USA Ultimate standings as of March 16.

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3 thoughts on “Midseason Rankings

  1. I think that Missouri is being underrated by USAU, but can we get a little more D-III coverage? I know that it’s not as high profile, but there are some good D-III teams in the Ozark Conference and the South Central region. Once you get past the top 3 or 4 teams in Ozark D-I, D-III is just as good. Harding beat Missouri St in the HUX final, making it the first time that Harding didn’t finished second at HUX since 2003. They also beat Notre Dame at Throwdown. Missouri S&T has beat Arkansas already. Though if Colorado College does actually enter the D-III regionals they are going to walk away with it easily. They’ve only played at President’s Day, but based on those results they should be able to contend for a bid to D-I nationals. As an Ozark D-III alum I’d appreciate some D-III coverage.

    • Missouri is underrated and so is Oklahoma. I think Harding would be somewhere between four and sixth in the Ozarks if they had not been moved to another conference. It is hard to tell since they beat Notre Dame and Missouri S&T but then lost to Missouri. And Missouri S&T beat Arkansas but lost to Kansas and Missouri.

      I am all for more Div III coverage, but they are not technically in the Ozark Conference anymore. Any coverage is slightly incidental — although I do wish the conference was bigger like it was in the past. Perhaps I should switch the focus to Southwest Region teams? That would encompass many more teams — DI and DIII.

      Full disclosure: I played for Harding back in 2004 and 2005, and Missouri State in 2006.

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