Iowa Defeats Kansas State; Wins Free State Classic

Iowa got on a roll and Kansas State was unable to answer with a depleted line-up as IHUC beat the Huckstables 15-9.

The championship game of the Free State Classic began with a 3-0 run by Iowa as Kansas State had problems early on with Iowa’s four man cup. Kansas State was finally able to break the zone by way of a miraculous one fingered catch.

The teams traded points from there to a 8-5 half.

After half, the Huckstables pulled to within two and were threatening to score  with the disc on the goal line. Iowa stopped Kansas State with a layout d in the corner of the end zone.

The two teams then traded points until the score was 11-7. A twenty minute point ensued, in which Kansas State finally scored, but the damage had been done. The Huckstables were too exhausted and Iowa finished the game on a 4-1 run.

After the game Kansas State captain Pat Shriwise was pleased with the way his Huckstables fought to the finish. “The young guys really stepped up in this game and filled in for our injured starters. I am in no way disappointed in the way we played,” Shriwise said.

Iowa captain Tyler Glenn was happy to be victorious in the first tournament of the Spring Season. “We just wanted to come out and prove that we belonged here. There was some great competition here and we were really tested,” Glenn said.

In Game of Benches, Kansas State Prevails Against Arkansas

In a rematch of last weeks’ Big D in Little D final Kansas State defeated Arkansas 15-7. Unlike last week however, both teams relied heavily on their benches for this game.

“Our [bench] really stepped up and played shut down d. That and conservative, consistent throws helped win this game,” said Kansas State captain Kyle Welch.

Each team was forced to use their utility players for different reasons. Kansas State’s roster was slowly dwindling after being plagued injuries on Saturday, including a separated shoulder to captain Pat Shriwise. Arkansas utilized their bench due to fatigue  from the  overtime game against Kansas.

Arkansas captain Eric Kearney was frustrated at the juxtaposition in intensity between the Kansas game and Kansas State game.

“We need to have the mentality to continue to perform. It is essential to compete at a high level with fatigue. Hopefully, we can regroup, learn from this, and find the passion, want and drive to succeed in our remaining games this season,” Kearney said.

Arkansas Beats Kansas

Arkansas Ludicrous Speed shook off several bad games yesterday to beat the Kansas Horrorzontals 16-14. Arkansas and Kansas traded points for the majority of two halves in a highly contested game. With the score 11-10 in Arkansas’ favor, Ludicrous Speed went on a 3-1 run to take the game to 14-11. With their backs against the wall, Kansas capitalized on several errant hucks by Arkansas to quickly close the game and tie it fourteen all. Arkansas scored the next point by working it down the field amidst a tough-as-nails Horrorzontal defense.

With the score 15-14 the two teams fought back and forth with each side forcing multiple turns. In the end, Arkansas’ Abe Coffin got off a huck off to a double covered Joe Bell, who somehow managed to secure the disc for a win.

The Arkansas bench erupted in jubilation. “It is a real big deal for us to beat Kansas,” said Ludicrous Speed captain Matt Jackson. “It was a great close game. I am exhausted.”

The win advances Arkansas to the semifinals of the Free State Classic where, in a rematch of last week, they face Kansas State.

Kansas State vs. Missouri

With the snow gone, Missouri’s four man cup, which worked so well yesterday, failed to contain Kansas State in the late stages of the game as the Huckstables beat the MUtants 13-10 in a capped game. Missouri was able to begin the game with a 3-1 lead due to their zone defense. Kansas State called a timeout to refocus the offense and went on a 7-3 run to take half at 8-6. After half the two teams mostly traded points to the finish.