Kansas Beats Illinois; Takes First in Pool

In a game that featured four ties and three lead changes, the Kansas Horrorzontals beat the Illinois Illini, 13-11. The Horrorzontals scored the first point of the game, but quickly found themselves behind 1-3. Kansas took a  timeout to regroup and the two teams traded points to half, 5-7.

The second half began with more point trading. After a few untimely Illini errors, forced by tight defense, the Zontals found themselves tied at 9-9. With the score tied at ten apiece the Illini intercepted the disc on the goal line with a layout d. Recognizing that a score would be backbreaking the Zontals returned the favor and got their own layout on the ensuing throw. After the interception, Kansas marched down the field to score and take the lead 11-10. Illinois scored the next point, but Kansas proved too strong — getting a stall and a hand block to score the last two.

Kansas will face the winner of Arkansas vs. Colorado State tomorrow.

Missouri S&T vs Missouri

The MUtants were able to win a close game against Miner Threat, 14-12, and almost guarantee the  second spot in the A pool. The MUtants were up late in the second half when the Miners came back to tie the game at twelves. Missouri S&T had several drops and dangerous throws and Missouri used those to score the last two in overtime to win.

Huckstables Outdo JujiTSU

With snow on the ground and a haze in the air the Kansas State Huckstables beat Truman State JujiTSU 13-8. JujiTSU, who was in the Ozark Section last year, gave the Huckstables some issues early on. “They are a pretty athletic team and can cause problems because of that,” said Kansas State captain Kyle Welch. Both teams went to the huck early and often which led to some spectacular layouts.

Kansas Beats Colorado State

The Kansas Horrorzontals beat Colorado State Hibida this afternoon 13-3. Kansas jumped out to a 7-2 half time lead with precision strikes and few turnovers. The second half was much the same and the Zontals did not turn the disc over in the second half until the score was 11-3.

Colorado State vs Kansas State

Kansas State poured it on thick in the second half to beat Colorado in the third round of the Free State Classic. The first half was a back and forth affair with five ties. With the game knotted at five all, Kansas State was able to get two breaks and take half. In the second half, Colorado State and Kansas State traded four points. Hibida fell apart at the end though as the Huckstables went on a 4-0 run to end the game.