Kansas State Beats Arkansas; Wins Big D in Little D

Swirling wind gusts made for some interesting disc movement as Arkansas fell to Kansas State in the Big D in Little D championship game, 15-8. Arkansas Ludicrous Speed, the overall two seed, jumped out to an early 2-0 lead against the Kansas State Huckstables, the overall five seed. Kansas State was able to answer quickly with two of their own and tie the game at 2-2. “We got down early to [Arkansas] but we have a mental toughness now that we didn’t have earlier [this season] and that allowed us to stay in the game,” said Kansas State captain Pat Shriwise.

The teams traded the next two points to make the score three all. At this point, both teams appeared to be evenly matched up with three points, four turnovers, and two d’s apiece.

The seventh point of the game ended up being extremely sloppy as Arkansas and Kansas State combined for 21 turnovers. Arkansas took a time out to regroup, but ultimately conceded the point to Kansas State. The Huckstables used the momentum from the ‘point that would never end’ to go on a 5-1 run to finish out the half, 8-4.

The second half started with Ludicrous Speed taking two of the first three, but the Huckstables stepped up the intensity with a pair of layout d’s, and scored two more of their own to increase their lead to 11-6. Arkansas tried to keep up, but Kansas State ended up scoring a Callahan at 13-7. Ludicrous Speed was able to score the point after the Callahan, but the Huckstables scored the last two to finish out the game.

After the game Arkansas’ captain Matt Jackson remained optimistic about the rest of the season. “I just can’t say enough about the freshmen on this team. They were a big part of our success in our first tournament of the season. We have some things to work on but I am really looking forward to a rematch with Kansas State next weekend,” Jackson said.

Arkansas’ Abe Coffin left the game early in the second half with a foot injury.