Arkansas Beats Oklahoma; Moves on to Big D Championship

Arkansas Ludicrous Speed bested Oklahoma Apes of Wrath 13-11 in a time-capped semi-final game. The game, which was a back-and-forth affair early on, ended in soft cap with Arkansas’ Eric Kearney’s layout catch in the end zone. “I put everything into getting my body underneath the disc. I just wanted to make sure I caught the disc,” Kearney said.

The catch by Kearney stopped a 4-0 run by Oklahoma in the closing minutes of the game. “It is frustrating to lose like that,” said Oklahoma captain Matt Carney. “I feel like the kid who crammed for his test but still came up short. We are going to have to figure out how to pull these close ones off.”

Oklahoma scored the first point of the game off an Arkansas turnover. The two teams then traded points back and forth until, with the score knotted at 4-4, Arkansas’ Abe Coffin caught a Callahan. Ludicrous Speed used that momentum to take the first half 8-5.

The second half started with more point trading, until Oklahoma seemed to find their footing amidst Arkansas’ bench. Despite two timeouts called by Ludicrous Speed to slow down the game, the Apes were able to come back from 12-7 to 12-11 when the soft cap came on.

Arkansas had twelve d’s during the game and Oklahoma had five.

The win advances Arkansas to the finals of Big D in Little D where they will face the Kansas State Huckstables.

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