Oklahoma State Rally Falls Short

In a game that featured seven ties and three lead changes, Rice Cloud Nine defeated Oklahoma State Ultimato 13-10. Wind played a prominent role in the game with gusts in excess of fifteen miles per hour.

Cloud Nine jumped out to a 2-0 lead to start the game. Ultimato then answered with two of their own. The teams then traded points to half, with Rice taking it 7-6. The second half began with more point trading until Could Nine gained a fortuitous break upwind and took a two point lead at 11-9. Ultimato was able to answer the very next point, but it ended up running out of time as Cloud Nine scored two more to finish off the game.

Oklahoma State’s Max Barowski, who sat out the Arkansas game earlier today, tried everything in his power to will his team to victory. At one point, with his team down and going upwind, Barowski fell over on the mark but still managed to block the throw with his leg. Jumping to his feet, he hustled down field, won a jump disc, and threw it for the score.

While the game was close it was also sloppy. The teams had a combined 76 turnovers.

Oklahoma Handles Texas Tech; Wins Pool

Windy conditions contributed to multiple turnovers as Oklahoma University Apes of Wrath beat Texas Tech Tumbleweed, 13-6. Throwing errors compounded by wind gust provided for several long points during this match. Despite the less than ideal play, Oklahoma took half 7-2 on the strength of the defensive line. “Our D line really held and gave the O line a chance to recoupe,” Oklahoma coach Bernie Lee said.

The second half was a closer battle with Tumbleweed scoring four points to the Apes six. “There were more ups and downs, but I was glad to see us gain intensity and cohesiveness,” Lee said.

The win improves the Apes to 3-0 this season and advances them into the quarterfinals tomorrow morning.

Kansas State Shocks Iowa State

In the D Pool 1 vs. 2 match up, the Kansas State Huckstables soundly beat the Iowa State ISUC 13-3. The Huckstables, led by several layout d’s and few turnovers, jumped out to a 7-1 halftime lead. “We really wanted to focus on coming out strong for this game,” said Kansas State captain Kyle Welch. The second half followed a similar plot to the first and gave the Huckstables their ninth win of the season. “After hanging with Florida, we have the mindset that we can hang with any team,” said Welch. “It has really given us confidence and that showed in this game.”

The win secures Kansas State’s position in the quarterfinals of Big D in Little D tomorrow.

Baylor vs. Kansas State

The Kansas State Huckstables continued their winning ways against Baylor Stonewall by beating them 13-6. Kansas State took half 7-2 on thirteen Baylor turnovers. After half-time, Baylor went on a three point run to bring the game to within two at 7-5. With momentum clearly in Stonewall’s favor, Huckstable captain Pat Shriwise got a hand block and finished it off with a sky for a score. The bookend was just what Kansas State needed as they then regained the reins to the game, and finished off the game on a 6-1 run. “We came out lazy to start the second half,” said captain Kyle Welch. “It really helped when we stepped up our intensity and started catching the disc again.”