Big D in Little D Preview

Dallas, TX – Last weekend foul weather and wet field conditions postponed Big D in Little D. This weekend the sun will be out and the temperature should be a nice 70 degrees. The weather is just about perfect for ultimate and should lead to many exciting games. It will also be a welcome relief for many teams to finally start their seasons.

Arkansas — Last year Ludicrous Speed looked solid on paper. On the field, they had problems executing to their full potential. Several times Arkansas lost to teams they should have beat. That is why you play the games.

This year’s team should have a slightly different look as Casey Hooper, Jacob Perry, and Aaron Hopwood all graduated. Matt Jackson returns with his high-flying shenanigans and is joined by speedster Joe Bell and handler standout Abe Coffin. This team looks like they have the chemistry to win games, but do they have the killer instinct needed to win tournaments?

Oklahoma — They may not be the tallest team in college ultimate anymore, but the Apes of Wrath are still a force to be reckoned with. Last year Oklahoma finished third in the Sectional Tournament by beating Kansas State and Washington University.

Mike Rice returns and will have to help carry the load if his team is to improve this year. If Arkansas and Oklahoma hold seed at Big D in Little D they will have a show down in the semi-finals. Last year Oklahoma got thumped by Arkansas in the Sectional Tournament 13-6. Arkansas may have a retooled team, but Oklahoma has retained many players from last year. This potential game will answer many questions about where Oklahoma stands as a team.

Kansas State — The Huckstables have improved mightily over the past few years. Pat Shriwise and Chris Youderian have already put in their early bids to be named to the All-Conference team at T-Town Throwdown. If Kansas State can begin their games on a strong note and not play from behind they can play with anybody. If they get down early, though, they can also lose to anybody.

Oklahoma State — Ultimato has languished in the middle of the Ozark Section in recent years. For whatever reason Oklahoma State never seems to have the depth to improve year-to-year. They will have to put it all on the line every game to advance to the Championship Bracket this weekend.