T-Town Throwdown Summary

Tuscaloosa, Ala – T-Throwdown wrapped up this weekend with Florida beating Ohio State 15-10. Florida did not look as dominate as they have in past years but they still have a strong team. Cole Sullivan is all that and a bag of chips, but lacks the amazing receiver core (or maybe just a Brodie Smith) that Florida has had in the recent past.

During T-Town there were a couple of teams Florida had more trouble than expected. Most notably Ohio and Kansas State. One reason might have been the substitutions on Florida’s part. The assumption is that it is in an effort to be a deeper team and not have a repeat of 2009 when Florida failed to make Regionals. The other reason Florida may have had trouble with both Ohio and Kansas State is that they can each run a tight short and long game. In many of the other games in which Florida had a larger margin of victory they simply picked up more jump discs with both teams going long over and over.

Make no mistake, Florida is able to play the disc in close and out long, but their real strength is in making other teams pay for the mistakes they make by giving them one chance each point. If the opposing team does not score on their first possession of each point, and turns it over, there is a good chance they will not get the disc back.