Vanderbilt Held to Three in Chumpionship

Vanderbilt Brick House lost 13-3 to a stronger Kansas St. Huckstable team for the T-Town Throwdown Chumpionship (9th place). The game was dictated largely by the steady rain that started soon after pull-off. Both teams began cautiously, but Vandy had numerous drops and lost throws because of slippery discs. “There was more to this game than the difficult conditions,” said Vanderbilt coach Ryan Balch, “But adding the wind and rain compounded our difficulties in taking care of the disc.”

Kansas State also had issues in the first half with turnovers with six unforced errors, but were able to bring down that number to two in the second half. The lack of turnovers allowed the Huckstables to shutout Brick House in the second half.

Chris Youderian once again showed his prowess for skying people by winning several jump discs in each half.

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