Vanderbilt Held to Three in Chumpionship

Vanderbilt Brick House lost 13-3 to a stronger Kansas St. Huckstable team for the T-Town Throwdown Chumpionship (9th place). The game was dictated largely by the steady rain that started soon after pull-off. Both teams began cautiously, but Vandy had numerous drops and lost throws because of slippery discs. “There was more to this game than the difficult conditions,” said Vanderbilt coach Ryan Balch, “But adding the wind and rain compounded our difficulties in taking care of the disc.”

Kansas State also had issues in the first half with turnovers with six unforced errors, but were able to bring down that number to two in the second half. The lack of turnovers allowed the Huckstables to shutout Brick House in the second half.

Chris Youderian once again showed his prowess for skying people by winning several jump discs in each half.

Kansas State Makes Adjustments First; Beats Harding

Adriel Ruiz stepped up his level of play to help the Kansas State Huckstables beat Harding Apocalypse 15-9. Both teams effectively utilized their long throws to quickly score multiple times. The result was an early back and forth battle that cruised quickly along. “Harding was running a very quick pass offense, which was difficult to stop,” said Huckstable Cameron Hunter. “They have some fast players and it felt like they all had a very quick first step,” added Harding Co-Captain Ryan Rummage.

With the score 5-4, in Kansas State’s favor, the wind suddenly picked up. Harding had trouble adjusting their throws in the strong gusts and made several costly turnovers. “We had problems with our transition defense and they really made us pay,” said Rummage. Kansas State finished out the game in under 45 minutes on a 10-4 run.

Kansas State Takes Out Frustrations on Valdosta State

The Huckstables unleashed the fury of their long game to thump Valdosta State 15-5. Coming off a disappointing loss to Williams, Kansas State threw multiple hucks for scores. Valdosta State’s nine player team had a game highlighted by 25 turnovers. The Blazer’s skeleton crew was quickly exhausted by Kansas State’s bench and also suffered two on-field injuries..

Williams Handles Lackadaisical Kansas St.

Williams College WUFO defeated a frustrated Kansas State Huckstables in the final game of pool play, 11-6. The loss sends Kansas State down to the 9th place bracket and sends Williams to the Championship bracket to face Ohio State.

The match started with Williams breaking off to a quick 3-1 lead, based off several layout d’s. The Huckstables were able to keep the game close but were still down at half 4-6. After half Williams’ Jack Chen took over the game and was able to get open all over the field. Several K-State players took turns trying to stop Chen’s dominance but were unable to do so.

The Huckstables looked hungover from their success on Saturday, where they went 3-1, and scored nine on defending National Champion Florida in a losing effort. “Its an issue we fight with. We have trouble getting up [for games] on Sundays,” said Kansas State Captain Pat Shriwise. “They just wanted it more.”

Huckstables v. Florida

Florida’s strong offense, led by Captain Cole Sullivan, proved decisive against Kansas State, beating the Huckstables 11-9. The Huckstables got down early in the first half, trailing 1-4; that pit was too deep to completely climb out of, despite Kansas State’s exploitation of some late game mistakes by Florida.

K-State got back in the game in the second half by playing a riskier style of offense. “We cut loose and took risks we had to take. We quit playing so conservatively,” said Senior Captain Pat Shriwise. The loss ends the Huckstables three game win streak.

Kansas State plays Williams in the last pool game tomorrow at 8 am.