Preseason All-Section

UWA – Topeka, Kan.

Building on the success of last years All-Section team the Ozark Blogsite is proud to announce the Preseason All-Section team. The team, which was voted on by a panel of peers, represents the finest the Ozark Section has to offer in spirit and skill.

Over twenty players were nominated for the Preseason All-Section team but only the top seven were chosen for the honor.


Preseason All-Section (PDF Version)

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One thought on “Preseason All-Section

  1. I certainly appreciate the note and the spot on the preseason All-Section team, but you guys should check out Junior captain Gareth Marshall. He’s the best defender and deep cutter on the team and a great leader. Does anybody remember him beating Kilmer for 7 huck scores at Harvest last season? Or him skying to tip he disc in the Sectional Finals against Arkansas and then laying out after landing to D the disc again? (I think that’s 3 fantasy points on one play).

    Good luck to all. Can’t wait for the season. Thanks for all the work, Dockery.