Preseason All-Section

UWA – Topeka, Kan.

Building on the success of last years All-Section team the Ozark Blogsite is proud to announce the Preseason All-Section team. The team, which was voted on by a panel of peers, represents the finest the Ozark Section has to offer in spirit and skill.

Over twenty players were nominated for the Preseason All-Section team but only the top seven were chosen for the honor.


Preseason All-Section (PDF Version)

2007 Ozark Ultimate Open Top 10 Preseason Poll

UWA – Fayetteville, Ark.

For the second year in a row, the University of Kansas HorrorZontals were picked to finish first in the Ozark Section Top 10 Preseason Poll. Last year the poll chose Kansas to win the sectional crown, but the HorrorZontals were upset in the semi-finals by Washington University. The Contrabears went on to claim the section for themselves by defeating Arkansas in the finals, 12-11.

The poll – which is in its second year – consisted of the South Regional Coordinator, the Ozark Sectional Coordinator, representatives from nine teams, and two members of the media. All teams in the section were eligible to vote, although several teams never returned their ballots.


2007 Preseason Top 10 Poll (PDF Version)

New Rules Pass

The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate was approved Jan. 17, by a vote of the UPA membership. The new rule set passed with 1393 out of 1627 members voting for approval. In order for the 11th Edition to be approved as the new official version of the rules, at least 600 members needed to vote, with a majority in favor of the new rule set.

All UPA events will now use the 11th Edition Rules. UPA members and event coordinators will be sent new rule books, and league organizers will be offered the opportunity to purchase new rule books in bulk through the UPA

The 11th Edition is the cumilination of five years of experience, experimentation, and hard work by the Ultimate community and the UPA Standing Rules Committee to update and improve the 10th Edition.

Substansive changes from the 10th to the 11th edition can be seen here.

Go Vote

Currently, the 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate is being voted on for approval by the Ultimate Players Association membership. UPA members who were current for 2006 or are current for 2007 are eligible and encouraged to vote.

Voting will be open through Thursday, Jan. 11th, 2007. Vote