Ozark Preview 2006: Oklahoma Apes of Wrath

Here is the second preview in a series of profiles on teams from the Ozark section. Many thanks go out to the Apes for getting this to us so it could be out before their season started. Good luck in Florida.

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8 thoughts on “Ozark Preview 2006: Oklahoma Apes of Wrath

  1. Man, I’d sure wish we’d get to see another team’s preview…i’m really tired of reading this one over and over again.


  2. Maybe you should go back and read the preview about us some more. It doesn’t explicitly say that Harding is going to finish one spot ahead of Missouri State in the final standings, but I’m sure you’ll be able to infer that for yourself.


  3. Arkansas preview, I really just want to see if my name gets mentioned. I’m not going to sign it so that it is unbiased if I get my name mentioned but honestly I suck and don’t deserve it…sum up ARKANSAS!

  4. By Hendrix, I mean the Hendrix Ultimate Experience tournament, not necceasrily the team. Although the team would be cool to preview also.

  5. Hey….I was here first. Plus everybody is going to want to read the preview of the 2006 Ozark Sectional Champions.

    Missouri State Frizzbears

  6. I’m not certain, but I think “Deliverance” takes place in the rural Appalachians, not the Ozarks.
    Dueling banjos on the other hand, that’s good stuff.