2006 Ozark Sectionals Location Chosen

UWA – Springfield MO
According to unnamed sources, the date and location for this spring’s Ozark Sectional tournament have been set and details are already being worked out.

Apparently, 2006 Ozark Sectionals will be held in a central location in Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 8-9.

In addition, there are rumors circulating that teams will be fined for paying late as well as for backing out of the tournament. This move is most likely to combat the fact that several teams dropped out of last year’s tournament at the last minute.

Previous Ozark Sectional tournaments have been held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Manhattan, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri.

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3 thoughts on “2006 Ozark Sectionals Location Chosen

  1. I feel like that is a bad weekend since it follows a tournament Fool’s Fest which most of the Ozark team will be travelling too.

    Also Huckfinn is going to be the weekend before that so that is potentially three weekends in a row for teams that are coming to all of them. -Gorgeous

  2. Ya, that could lead to several teams being pretty beat up with injuries and stuff at Sectionals.
    It’s still way early (I don’t remember ever knowing the date and location of Sectionals anywhere near this early); maybe the date can still be changed.
    I guess Keith Larsen would be the guy to talk to?

    Luke Dockery
    Harding Apocalypse

  3. I actually like the early date. Lets the teams that are going to regionals know they are going and get their plans made. I suppose an extra week wouldn’t make a big difference though, and it would give two weeks after Fools. Eh…whatever.–>