The Beginning

It is my hope, as well as several others I am sure, to make Ultimate into a more organized sport. To this end, I felt the time had come to start handing out “awards”, and to begin a database of articles.

While a blog falls woefully short of such expectations, it can definitely be an excellent place to work toward such goals and determine if there is actually a need for what I want to do here. So, with this blog, I hope to start a place where there can be professional, unbiased game reports, team articles, as well as an “organization” to hand out honors.

Toward that effort I felt that I would start with what I know the most about, and that is the college Ozark Section. Therefore, I would like to start with our section awarding its own All-Section awards for pre-season, and have a pre-season ranking of the Ozark teams.

That is what this site is all about, and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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